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How we care for our students

We build confidence

Confidence breeds success. If students believe they can succeed, they will succeed.

We develop life-long learners

No matter where they are in life, we must make sure our learners continue learning and growing.

We help struggling students

We provide resources that meet the needs of all students, including those with learning differences.

Welcome to, ElimuApp. The learning platform that puts students at the center by;

  • Giving students immediate and meaningful feedback and provides educators with data on student engagement and understanding,

  • Helping teachers to create powerful multimedia visualisations to anchor key concepts in all subjects at all levels of school,

  • Going beyond simple questions with algorithmically generated and randomised questions and corresponding answers,

  • Providing teachers, students and schools with access to high-quality content created by curriculum experts.

  • Why ElimuApp works

    Personalized learning

    Students practice at their own pace, first filling in gaps in their understanding and then accelerating their learning.

    Trusted content

    Created by experts, ElimuApp’s library of trusted practice and lessons covers math, science, and more. Always free for learners and teachers.

    Tools to empower teachers

    With ElimuApp, teachers can identify gaps in their students’ understanding, tailor instruction, and meet the needs of every student.

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    Perceived end knowledge certainly day sweetness why cordially

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